Custom Formulations

Want your own custom formulation?

If you have your own existing product/s you want reformulated or have a new idea you want to bring to life, we can certainly help. We can work with you to develop your very own formulation that is unique to your brand. 


When you develop a custom formulation with us, we make sure your brand has complete exclusivity ensuring your brands uniqueness in the marketplace. We do not allow your custom formulation to be used by anyone else. 

Time Frame.
Development/s can take between 2-6 weeks from concept to first sample/s. We first discuss what type of product you want to develop and what results you would like to achieve. We then discuss some of the key ingredients you may want to use in your formulation. Once you are happy, we then proceed to making your first round of samples. If you would like to make minor changes or tweaks to the formulation we can provide you with a second round of samples with the alteration/s.


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